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During a disaster response, operating cost of temporary logistics facilities should be how many times the step up cost of these facilities?

I am optimizing a multi-stage optimization model for disaster response relief delivery. In this regard, I want to know the realistic values of cost parameters related to the operating and setup costs ...
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Operating Research

10-tonne van is used to transport three different goods1. Unit ranges and values ​​according to goods are given below. Since at least one unit of each good is required to be transported, find out how ...
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Primal-dual simplex method for general LP

I've learned the primal-dual method for standard LP, but for a general LP written as \begin{align} \min_{x\in \mathbb{R}^n} ~~~ &c^\top x \\ s.t. ~~& l^{s}\leq Ax \leq u^{s},\\ ...
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What's the dual of an LP in its general form?

For an LP written as \begin{align} \min_{x\in \mathbb{R}^n} ~~~ &c^\top x \\ s.t. ~~& l^{s}\leq Ax \leq u^{s},\\ &l^{x}\leq x \leq u^{x} \end{align} how can we get its dual ...
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use case OR in financial service industry

What are some use cases, with high dollar value impact, of OR and optimization in the financial services industry like life insurance, annuity business? I have seen common use cases of queuing theory ...
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