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For questions about open problems or questions which are problems that can be accurately stated, and which is assumed to have an objective and verifiable solution, but which has not yet been solved.

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Rule set optimization

My question is with regards to a research topic: Rule-set optimization []. If one were to use rule-set optimization for fraud detection. ...
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Are there any real-world problems where quadratization helps to solve something that couldn't have been solved without quadratization?

The closest thing I know is the computer vision problem, in which an image is de-blurred and/or de-noised by quadratizing a quartic problem into a quadratic optimization problem (QUBO) and then the ...
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Does the problem of P vs NP come under the category of Operational Research?

I am enrolled in an Operational Research program. I am also interested in Algorithms, and I wish to know whether "P vs NP" is a common point in both of the fields, so that the effort put in ...
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Great Unsolved Problems in O.R

More than 10 years ago, there was during an INFORMS annual meeting a session dedicated to “Great Unsolved Problems in O.R.” (you can find a small report of that session on this webpage). Which are ...
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