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For questions related to NEOS, the free internet-based service for solving numerical optimization problems that is hosted by the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

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Solver options in Pyomo as long as using the NEOS solvers

I am working on a scheduling problem that is already coded in Pyomo. To solve the problem, I have used the NEOS solver, CPLEX. Now, to test and run some of the instances, I need to call some CPLEX ...
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Using Neos Server to submit GAMS file

When I submit a GAMS file along with a GDX file to the Neos Server upon clicking the submit button I don't get any error but the following webpage which is not loading and nothing is displayed. I ...
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Pyomo supported solvers on NEOS

Pyomo has two solver managers to execute external solvers: neos (remote execution) serial (local execution). ...
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Using Gurobipy and solve in Neos Server

I have a model run in gurobipy (python api) for Gurobi solver and I want to solve it using NEOS Server. How can I send it to NEOS? What is a good way? I want to add a parameter like timelimit so my ...
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How to use NEOS without using Pyomo

I am new to modelling language and specifically NEOS server. I aim to solve MINLP using Baron, through the NEOS server. So, far I have been able to write model file, data file and command file as ...
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Is it abnormal for a model to take 8+ hours to solve?

I am building my first optimization model, it is quite large and also a non-linear problem. I have had my model solving on the NEOS Optimization Server and after 8 hours of trying to solve, the server ...
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Get a MPS file using NEOS/GAMS web interface

I'm trying to use Neos/GAMS to solve an optimization problem. I will need to get a MPS file from the model. With using GAMS IDE it is easy to use an option file to get it but, it needs a licence file ...
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How to get solver time from CPLEX when using the NEOS server through Pyomo?

I've been using CPLEX on the NEOS server, via Pyomo, to solve a binary program I'm working on. NEOS is amazing, but the documentation is somewhat lacking on the Pyomo side, so I haven't been able to ...
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pyomo - pass time limit to NEOS

I am sending a pretty complex Pyomo MINLP to NEOS using Couenne. I'm getting an error message that the solve time is too long (sorry, I don't have it still in my Python console). Is there a way to set ...
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