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For questions related to (algebraic) modeling languages such as AMPL and GAMS, which facilitate the process of translating an optimization model written in algebraic form to the matrices, vectors, and other data needed by general-purpose solvers.

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Modelers and modeling languages: how do you choose, and which features do you use?

There are many modeling languages and APIs around. One or more per solver, plus many that target multiple solvers: AMPL, GAMS, PuLP, JuMP, Pyomo... Among all these possibilities, why did you pick a ...
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Using networkx predecessors in Pyomo initialize method

I am working on the directed graph by using the Networkx package and what I need is to use its predecessors' method on an optimization model. Let's say, there exists a directed graph with just $12$ ...
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Discrepancy between CPLEX interface solution and C API

I have a C API program uploaded here in Dropbox that is an LP. Here is the problem: When I compile the C file it gives me "1017 Not available for mixed-integer problems" while the problem is ...
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How to use NEOS without using Pyomo

I am new to modelling language and specifically NEOS server. I aim to solve MINLP using Baron, through the NEOS server. So, far I have been able to write model file, data file and command file as ...
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