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Questions on general heuristic strategies that can be instantiated for a specific problem to obtain a heuristic.

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When to use Tabu Search or Genetic Algorithms and when not?

Are there any rules of thumb about when to implement which? For example, I am trying to solve OR scheduling problems. I see that majority of people have implemented Genetic Algorithms. However, more ...
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How can I use a local search meta heuristic after completing construction heuristic?

I'm investigating how I can combine a construction heuristic and a local search metaheuristic to quickly solve Capacitated Split Delivery Veichle Routing Problem (CSDVRP). The construction heuristic ...
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Are there hybrid metaheuristic-solvers to solve combinatorial optimization problems?

I have a problem which is formulating a linear program. To solve large instances I implement a metaheuristic to solve my problem. In my problem, I have two objective functions. With my linear program, ...
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Is it useful to consider metaheuristics for power flow optimization involving binary variables?

I want to optimize the power flow in a low voltage grid, with respect to customer requests for electric vehicle (EV) charging, but also avoid grid overload (basically, the formulation can be seen in ...
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Run Pyomo model with externally assigned variables

I have several (large) Pyomo models with about 20 variables and parameters (as time series). Out of these variables and parameters I have 3 decision variables. Now my question is whether I can use ...
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Hybrid metaheuristic and linear program?

I have a Linear program (LP) that can solve problem X with two objective functions a and b, I use the weighted sum method. I use Gurobi solver when I optimize the objective alone, the problem takes a ...
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Relationship between Hypervolume and population size, number of generations, and number of functional evaluations?

I have a multi-objective optimization with the following properties: Objective function: two non-linear functions and one linear function Decision variable: two real variables (Bounded) Constraint: ...
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How to interpret velocity computation in Particle Swarm Optimization?

Please in PSO metaheuristic when we calculate the velocity what is the advantage of using pBest?
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