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Flow problem with flow demands

Recently I found a subproblem in a project I am working with. This problem is a sort of flow variant, as you will see. And I am looking for literature-related articles and also fast approaches for ...
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Partial Lagrangian in the Max-Flow problem

In the question: "Partial" Lagrangian Dual in LP It is argued that considering a partial Lagrangian $L_{partial}$, where we Dualize only some of the constraints, results in a tighter ...
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1 answer

Minimum cost flow problem with multiple arcs between nodes in Python / Google OR

Is it possible to work with multiple arcs between 2 nodes within Google OR? Or are there better modeling techniques? I want to optimize flow from supply to demand areas, where supply and demand are ...
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How to use max flow to schedule machines? (building a network)

Suppose you manage a machine shop with $k$ machines and have $n$ jobs to process today. Each job $i=1,2,3,4,5,\ldots,n$ requires $p_i>0$ minutes of processing time on any machine and has a ...
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Dichotomic search for biobjective linear program, max flow problem for hospital patients

I recently asked this question about formulating a max flow diagram for hospital patients. I am now considering a secondary objective which is to maximize the effetiveness of the scheduled treatment. ...
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