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Questions tagged [matlab]

For questions about solving Operations Research problems using Matlab programming language.

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Does anyone have the criss cross algorithm programming code to solve linear programming problems?

I have a project that requires programming code for the simplex algorithm and criss-cross algorithm. The purpose of this project is to compare the two methods. I've tried to find it, but the ...
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Where is the relative gap from cplexbilp?

I am invoking cplexbilp (CPLEX 12.9) from Matlab R2022a. I request all 4 return arguments: ...
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Determining the number of nodes within a cycle for an MILP problem

I have a MILP problem that requires knowing the number of nodes within a cycle (there will be multiple depending on inputs). I believe this will involve tracing nodes/values within cycles using the ...
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Defining a highly non-linear function of integer variables

I have a complicated non-linear objective function of positive integer variables subject to linear constraints: $\mathop {Min}\limits_{\underline x} f(\underline x)$ s.t. $A\underline x\leq \underline ...
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Reading MPS file for linear programming and reconstructing the Optimization model

Are you aware of any tutorial that can help me learn on how to reconstruct the objective function and constraints from a MPS file once it's loaded in MATLAB. I can load the mps file given to me and ...
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the Shannon entropy of a radar matrix

Now,I have a 2D radar spectrum data,which is obtained from 2D FFT along fast time and angle dimension at one range and azimuth coordinate points and its neighbor several different range and azimuth ...
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is it possible to improve the solution process of an MILP?

I am trying to optimize a charging station for EVs in matlab with intlinprog, which is connected to a PV-Modul, to an system storage systeme and to the network grid. I am using different Storage ...
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