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For questions about constraints that can be expressed in (usually propositional) logic.

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which method has been used to automatically reformulate logical constraints in a standard MIP solver?

There are many of the formulations to linearize logical constraints by introducing new auxiliary binary or any appropriate variables and adding the corresponding constraints to the model. It can be ...
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The linearization of the logical constraints

I know the logical constraints can be linearized by either the logical representation of whose relation, (for pure binary variables e.g. CNF/DNF) or for general form by using Big-M formulation. As I ...
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Linearization of Conditional Constraints for MIP using Cplex

I'm currently working on a mixed-integer programming (MIP) problem and I'm trying to implement a set of conditional constraints in CPlex. These constraints involve decision variables that are indexed ...
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Joint, two-sided chance constraint of MILP reformulation of a logical constrain

I reformulated the logical constraint $x = \min\{y,z\}$ as this MILP problem $$ \begin{array}{ll} x &\leq y \\ x &\leq z \\ x &\geq y-M(1-w) \\ x &\geq z-Mw \end{array} $$ in which $...
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Scenario-based optimization management of product during production disruption

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