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Questions tagged [linearization]

For questions related to techniques for converting nonlinear expressions in optimization models into equivalent (or approximately equivalent) linear ones.

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Optimize revenue function with log part

I am working on an optimization problem where I aim to maximize revenue. My current model has the following objective function: $$ Sales(P_i) * log(P_i - const_i))$$ where $P_i$ represents the price ...
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Interpret the formulation of a pricing model in crowdshipping

I am trying to run the pricing model from the paper "Designing pricing and compensation schemes by integrating matching and routing models for crowd-shipping systems" on python with Gurobi, ...
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How to linearize such a constraint?

My original content was like this: Assuming that server $k$ can only allocate corresponding computing functions to MU $i$ after receiving their tasks. Let $$ y_{i,k,t} = \begin{cases} 1 & \text{if ...
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Resource selection problem with non-linear objective function

I have an optimisation problem to solve but I can't model it correctly. Any insight is welcome :) It has been a few years since my optimisation classes in university, and while I have forgotten a lot ...
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How to linearize the multiplication of variables and transform this into an MILP?

Let $C=10$, $U=50$ $P_c,c=1,\cdots,C$ and $\alpha_{u,c},u=1,\cdots,U,c=1,\cdots,C$ are optimization variables $\alpha_{u,c}$ is binary $\sigma_{u,c}$, $d_{u,c}$ are known parameters $\min \sum_{c=1}^...
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How to linearize a product of an integer and a binary variable

i have this constraint right here, which is not linear. How would i linearize such a product. $number_t$ is a positive integer and $new_t$ and $reset_t$ are binary. $$number_t = (number_{t-1}+new_t)\...
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how to linearize the full model for TSP quadratic formulation?

I tried to solve this problem but I failed, please how to linearized full model.
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