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How to handle strict inequalities?

Perhaps two trivial questions: What kind of problem is the following (please note the strict inequality)? How do we solve it? $$\min_{x\geq 0}\{c^\top x: Ax < b\}$$
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Is this constraint with an indicator function nonlinear?

We have two variables $x\geq0$ and $y\in\mathbb{Z}^{0+}$. We have this constraint in our model $$x = \sum_{i = 0}c_i \mathbb{1}_{\{y=i\}}$$ where $c_i$ is a parameter and $\mathbb{1}_{A} = 1$ if $A$ ...
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How to add a cut to avoid previously found solution? [duplicate]

I do have a MILP problem. The decision variables are Integer ones. Let's call them $x_i$ and i $\in \{0,1,2,3,...,N \}$ I do want to find all distinct solutiuons for this problem. The problem is ...
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