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For questions related to Lagrangian decomposition, an optimization method in which one or more decision variable is doubled, the new variable is set equal to the original variable via a constraint, and that constraint is relaxed using Lagrangian relaxation.

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Benders decomposition for a dense MILP

I am trying to solve a large MILP, but it seems like dense problems can be very difficult for moderns solvers. I tried to solve the problem described below considering only constraints (1) and (2) ...
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multi stage stochastic programming algorithm

I have a multi-stage stochastic programming model. I have 3 groups of variables: the first group takes values at the beginning of the planning horizon before the first realization and does not change ...
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The variable splitting scheme in the context of Lagrangian relaxation

I am interested to know solving the generalized assignment problem (GAP) using the variable splitting scheme, specifically, in the context of Lagrangian relaxation. The problem is stated as follows: (...
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Textbook recommendation for linear programming decomposition fundamentals

I am looking for a textbook on linear programming decomposition fundamentals. The book should be clear and easy-to-follow for self study and should include examples to illustrate the concepts.
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Decomposition methods for two-stage stochastic program with integer variables

In a stochastic programming problem, I have binary variables in the second stage. As an example, consider that the optimization problem is given by: \begin{align} &\text{minimize} &\gamma\\ &...
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Can every convex problem use Lagrangian dual method?

If not all constraints satisfy equalities, does Lagrangian dual method make sense to a convex problem?
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What are the modern optimization methods for large systems?

I came across the preface of Optimization Theory for Large Systems (you can read it in Amazon). The author claims in the table (page v) that some of the methods such as Dantzig Wolfe decomposition, ...
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What's the difference between Lagrangian relaxation and Lagrangian decomposition?

What is the difference between Lagrangian relaxation and Lagrangian decomposition? Are they the same thing?
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