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Questions that use or are about JuMP and other Julia packages.

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How to change the variable bound from an interval to its lower and upper bound in JuMP?

When I read a model from a ".mps" file using "read_from_file" in JuMP and print it, I find that many bounds are written in the interval format like "x \in [0, 1]". I want ...
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1 answer

What are some of the key features that are currently absent in open-source AMLs like Pyomo, JuMP, Gurobipy

What are the some of prominent technical features (which may or may not be part of commercial Algebraic Modeling Languages (AMLs) such as GAMS or AMPL) which are currently lacking in open-source AMLs ...
1 vote
2 answers

Persisting Subproblem Infeasibility Benders Decomposition

I'm currently working on an optimization problem where I'm using Benders decomposition to solve a complex problem involving the installation of charging stations. The master problem determines the ...
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1 answer

How to remove a callback that was previously registered in Julia?

I'm coding in Julia, how can I do the same as "Remove(Cplex.Callback)" function does in C++ ?
12 votes
3 answers

Connection between solver and Julia's JuMP

I am looking for ways or tips to connect a solver with the JuMP package. I started reading the manual of Math Opt Interface — I don't know the right terms, but I'll call it the backend of JuMP. Also, ...
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1 answer

Reoptimization with GLPK in Julia/JuMP

I've been looking everywhere, and I can't seem to find any information on whether GLPK can do successive optimizations on the same model, on which we add a constraint at each iteration. More ...
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1 answer

How to get the fractional solution of a node in a MIP model using JuMP package?

I'm coding in Julia and use the JuMP package. My IP solver stops by a fixed node limitation. I noticed that I can only get the feasible primal and dual solution if has any, however I would like to get ...
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1 answer

Jump, Julia : How to add constraints with different indexes a.c.a $x_i \leq z_j, \; \forall i, j$

I am having a constraint in the form : $$ x_i \leq z_j, \quad \forall i, j \in \{1, 2, .., n\}$$ I know that if the right part of the equation was a constant so something like $x_i \leq c[i]$ I could ...
6 votes
1 answer

Quadratic constraints in JuMP

I am a bit new to programming and am currently working with solving optimization problems in JuMP in Julia. I got a tip from the JuMP page that I should also use ...
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0 answers

Does Gurobi solve QCQMIPs with Quadratic terms faster with then Bi-Linear terms in general?

Based on the color distance function defined here i try to find $n$ RGB colors with large inter set color distances and good color distance to white. ...