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For questions related to journals that publish papers related to Operations Research.

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Recommendations for Open Access Journals in Operations Research with Quick Review Times and Low Fees

I'm currently working on a research paper in the field of operations research (specifically, My proposal is a hybrid learning heuristic for a variant of the vehicle routing problem) and am looking for ...
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Large Language Models for Translating Natural Language to Mathematical Models - Suitable Venues?

I'm currently working on a paper that investigates the capabilities of Large Language Models (like OpenAI's GPT variants) to understand and write mathematical models based solely on natural language ...
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Any journal on OR Education

Is there any recommendation in any journal or learning material (like some kind of tutorials) specified in Operation Research/Management Science/Quantitative Analysis/or similar? For example, I found ...
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Looking for Balas' original JSP-as-digraph paper

I'm looking for E. Balas' original paper "Finding a Minimaximal Path in a Disjunctive PERT Network". Is this paper available via the web? Google and my campus library are unable to help me ...
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Python vs. compiled languages in OR research using metaheuristics

In many articles that use metaheuristics to solve optimization problems, the programming language of choice is C++. For example, the following two articles present state-of-the-art metaheuristics to ...
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What is the ACM Queue for operations research (or sub-disciplines)?

In his 2016 Usenix presentation Bryan Cantrill highlighted an issue with how conferences work in operating system research. He mentioned an alternative format called Queue by ACM which he describes as ...
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List of Call for papers

Is there somewhere a list of ongoing Call for papers for special issues in OR journals? I believe that such a list would not only create a good overview for publication opportunities but also inform ...
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How do OR researchers choose which journal to submit and what are the differences between them?

I am a PhD student now and I have been curious about this question since I was an undergraduate student. How do researchers choose which journals to submit if your work do not have an obvious fit to ...
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Publishing paper that uses LP solver to solve equation

I was reading this paper by Cerna et al. (2018)1. In the paper there are only CPLEX-solvable equations given by the authors and the results. How valuable is this paper, and what is its quality? Can ...
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Reference request for Evacuation Planning

I have been assigned to make a literature review on evacuation planning. Could you please suggest some papers that I can use for the review?
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Are fuzzy sets appreciated by OR community?

I may not be correct but it seems that the leading operations research and management science journals (Informs OR and MS) do not publish any works on fuzzy logic or fuzzy sets. I could find only ...
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5 answers

Non-OR journals which regularly publish OR research

I am looking for journals which do not focus on OR or a subfield (math programming, simulation, logistics, etc.) but still publish a few OR papers on a regular basis. What are some journals which ...
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Ordered list of OR journals

Is there any compact resource that includes a list of all academic journals in the OR/MS space, ranked by journal importance? Although there are some helpful features offered by publisher websites ...
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