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Topics related to job search, be it academic or industrial. Anything from finding positions, writing applications, interviewing, to perspectives.

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How to find advice for OR career?

It's been a few years since I graduated from university with an engineering MSc degree, during which I focussed a lot on OR and quantitative techniques for mobility and logistics problems. Right after ...
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How can I deal with non-operations research managers?

I am doing an internship in a company. The aim is to solve scheduling problems in the industry (a variant of the resource-constrained project scheduling problem). By the end of the internship, they ...
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O.R. Brainteasers

In finance, they have lots of books and sources for interview questions. Especially, 'brainteasers' are pretty famous. A brainteaser can be logical deduction questions or questions like 'when does the ...
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Where to search for PhD level jobs in OR?

I started hunting for jobs and I'm not sure what are good websites I should be keeping an eye on. I'm interested mainly in Europe.
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How to find an internship in OR/Optimization?

I am a master student in operations research with a specialization in operations research. To get my degree, I need to have a 6-month internship (from March to September). I am preparing my CV and I ...
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How is the field of operations research evolving?

I am interested in applying to some OR faculty positions this academic cycle and I am hoping to get a better understanding of the field. For context, I come from an (electrical) engineering background,...
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Make a living as a math programming freelancer?

I would like to know how the (job) market for operations research works. My dream would be to work as a freelancer in the area of math programming. I have a PHD and several years of proven experience ...
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Interview Questions and Answers

I have seen a lot of interview questions and answers for Software Engineering, Data Science and Machine Learning roles. I haven't found many interviews Questions for Operations Research. Can someone ...