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For questions on constraints controlled by binary variables.

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Modelling Question

Let $W^C_t$, $W_t$ be binary variables and $p$ an integer variable with $1 \leq p \leq 3$ The variables are related through the following equation: $$W^C_t = \sum_{\theta=1}^{p} W_{t-\theta}$$ I can ...
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Indicator function for integer variable with inequality constraint

I have $n$ integer variables $\vec{x}$ with the following integer programming problem. $$ COST = \sum^{n-1}_{i = 0} a_i x_i + \sum^{n-1}_{j=0} b_j I(x_j > 0) $$ Here, $a_i, b_j \in \mathbb{R}_+$ ...
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Linearization of Conditional Constraints for MIP using Cplex

I'm currently working on a mixed-integer programming (MIP) problem and I'm trying to implement a set of conditional constraints in CPlex. These constraints involve decision variables that are indexed ...
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The rule of the slack variable in an indicator constraint

In some cases I have seen, the indicator constraint can be written as indcons(expression, binary_var). Then it is interpreted as follows: $$LHS - slack (\leq = \geq)...
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Multiple conditions in indicator constraint of Gurobi

I'm working on a vehicle routing problem, in which a vehicle need to pick up amounts of things in some nodes. I'm trying to solve it by Gurobi optimizer. Except for meeting the time windows of each ...
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[OR-Tools][CP-SAT] Implement an indicator function in a constraint

Good morning ! I would like to implement this constraint using CP-SAT (see image below). x_i,j is a boolean variable, a and b are given. The problem is that I don't know how to implement the ...
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