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How Widespread Is the Application of MDPs in Medical Decision Making?

I'm curious about the current prevalence of Markov Decision Processes (MDPs) in medical decision-making. I've seen several research papers on this topic but was unable to find evidence of real-world ...
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Tips for implementing Benders Decomposition in C++?

currently I am working on implementing Benders Decomposition for a large-scale stochastic MIP in C++ using the CPLEX Solver. I've been spending the last couple of months learning the programming ...
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Trouble implementing a line-search algorithm

I am trying to implement a simple line-search algorithm in Julia. I am new to Julia programming, so I am learning it on the go. I'd like to ask for some help, if possible, to correct an error while ...
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Paper suggestions on local search algorithms

I am looking for papers (or any resources) that go deep into the details of implementing local search algorithms. I don't want an introductory paper on the subject. Rather, I would prefer a survey ...
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Generating a different optimal solution from CPLEX for each run

I recently chanced upon the idea of solution diversity through the setting of random seeds within CPLEX. However, the documentation page on the settings does not shed any light with regard to the ...
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Recommended python solver for an online optimization problem

I need to implement a load scheduling algorithm that involves solving an online optimisation problem from a research paper for my Real time systems course. This convex optimisation problem is setup ...
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implementation of heuristics using C++ to solve operations research problems

can anyone suggest some good books with the implementation of heuristics and matheuristics using C++ to solve operations research problems especially routing problems such as TSP and VRP. also, I need ...
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Column generation when intractable variables appear in the objective function

Is it possible to implement a column generation for a problem that the variables in the "complicating" constraint appear in the objective function? Suppose the MIP is: \begin{align} z = \...
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Defining and comparing utilization rates for delivery service

I'm currently working on a case for a food delivery service and wondered whether my notion of "driver utilization" makes any sense. My data set contains an hourly overview of the number of active ...
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Check which constraints are violated (Concert - Cplex Studio 12.10 - C++)

Currently, I am working on the implementation of a formulation for an optimization problem, at the moment I already have the MIP formulation implemented in C++ using Cplex studio 12.10 with the ...
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Design choices on how to implement several algorithms for the same problem

When one is interested in solving a problem but considering different objective functions the choice is easy, a class for problem, a class for solution and a class by algorithm then in the main ...
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Problem with big-M in CPLEX OPL

I have a model for the no-wait flow shop scheduling problem, that utilizes the linear ordering variables, and there is a constraint with big-M. When I implement the model in ...
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Branch and Bound Implementation

Branch and Bound (B&B) is a general solution approach to solve combinatorial optimisation problems. I was wondering how B&B is implemented in practice. Although it may be relevant, but I am ...
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List of Implementations for common OR problems

For the TSP there famously is the concord solver ( which is argubly the fastest exact solver for the TSP. There are many other problems that also show ...
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