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For questions relating to the historical development or contributions of Operations Research.

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Operations research trivia facts

Sorry if this is off-topic, but can anyone recommend some resources to find trivia facts about operations research? Like the fact that Abraham Lincoln had to solve a 14-city TSP as a lawyer, or that ...
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Where is the original Dantzig Simplex 1947 paper?

I see from here and many other sources that Dantzig invented the Simplex method in 1947. After much searching, I found that the earliest publication is this in 1956. Does anyone know where the ...
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The First Ever Linear Programming Problems

I have heard that Linear Programming was first used by: Dantzig to solve problems involving US military logistics in the Second World War Kantorovich to solve problems involving transportation of ...
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Breakthroughs in Operations Research since 2010

Recently I saw the following question Breakthroughs in mathematics in 2021 by Johnny Cage on mathoverflow, which inspired me to ask the following question: "As specialised operations researchers ...
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Suggestions how to get access to MINTO MILP solver?

I came across the MINTO MILP solver today. A solver i wasn't aware of or at least had not paid attention too. While development seem to have stopped two decades ago however i still wouldn't mind ...
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Why is the Bellman-Ford's shortest path algorithm sometimes called Bellman-Kalaba?

I see here and there, mostly in operations research courses in France that the Bellman-Ford algorithm related to shortest paths is called the Bellman-Kalaba algorithm. Could you explain the reason why ...
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Interplay of OR and Statistics Research

I saw some posts like this so I figured I would start my own. What are some interesting papers in OR that are related to, or even develop, the theory of statistical inference? What are some of the ...
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Is there a book about the history of linear programming?

Is there any book about the history of linear programming? I would like to know more about the persons involved in the beginning of the field. I know about Kantorovich, Dantzig and Von Neumann, but I'...
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Classics in Operations Research from around WW II?

Once I found a site on the web containing some classic, original material from around the WW II. One of the topics covered was submarine hunting. But I cannot find that again now ... So the question ...
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