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Questions tagged [graphs]

For questions related to graphs, a mathematical object consisting of a set of nodes with edges connecting certain pairs of them.

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Multiple shipments with FILO order

I am trying to solve a problem statement with the help of jsprit. There is a depot. Identical items need to be delivered or picked up. An item can have two states: Bad or good. Bad items need to be ...
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MIP formulation for graph planarity test

In this question, it was asked wether a MIP formulation exists to test for a graph's planarity. The inputs are the graph's nodes and edges, and the output would be a certificate which guarantees that ...
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Graph coloring problem while counting cliques

Let $G$ be a graph with a set of nodes $V$ and a set of edges $E$. Let $G'$ be a graph with the same set of nodes $V$ but a second set of edges $E'$. For a set of nodes $X\subset V$, we denote $f(X)$ ...
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Reduction from Steiner Tree to TSP

The Steiner Tree version that I am considering is the following: given an undirected weighted graph $G=(V,E)$ and a subset of vertices $T \subseteq V$, find a minimum tree that connects all the ...
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Simplified risk game: writing a pratical Minimax objective for mixed integer programming

Problem To ensure fairness of the game, I am writing a bot that plays against itself. I have trouble rewriting a minimax objective to a practical maximization in mixed integer programming. The amount ...
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Flow problem with flow demands

Recently I found a subproblem in a project I am working with. This problem is a sort of flow variant, as you will see. And I am looking for literature-related articles and also fast approaches for ...
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Looking for Balas' original JSP-as-digraph paper

I'm looking for E. Balas' original paper "Finding a Minimaximal Path in a Disjunctive PERT Network". Is this paper available via the web? Google and my campus library are unable to help me ...
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What can traditional graph cut methods do well, that deep learning cannot?

I have been fascinated by the rise and fall of graph cut algorithms in recent years, which I described in this question: Was there something specific that caused graph cuts to lose popularity in the ...
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Graph matching with apriori information about the matches?

Given two graphs with n vertices each, where apriori information regarding the similarity of each pair of vertices (between the source and target nodes) is given, is there a known concept for finding ...
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Power grid distribution and recipient bias

I have a strong feeling that this problem I'm trying to solve has already been done by someone much smarter than me at one point and I'm more looking at where I can research a topic further rather ...
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Simplex method on graphs: How do I find a basic solution using the Ford-Fulkerson algorithm?

I'm tasked with solving a minimal cost flow problem. I'm asked to first use the Ford-Fulkerson algorithm on my graph to find a basic solution that will then be used to do the simplex method on that ...
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Algorithm for Shortest Path in a DAG with Multiple Transportation Modes and Associated Setup Costs

I am working on a problem involving finding the shortest path in a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG), where each edge's cost depends on multiple transportation modes, each with its own setup cost. I am ...
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Multi-objective optimization with known variable dependencies (via a graph) -- what is this called?

Suppose that I am trying to solve a standard multi-objective optimization problem: $$ \min_{ \begin{array}{c} \textbf{x} \in S \end{array} } \left [ f_1(\textbf{x}),f_2(\...
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Order picking optimization: creating links between sectors of the warehouse

In the Conference Paper A Generic Approach for Order Picking Optimization Process in Different Warehouse Layouts, I cannot understand the process described on page 4: That is done by creating new ...
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Are the operations in the Graph Edit Distance problem of interest?

In the graph edit distance (GED), we are looking to find the cost of modifying one graph $G_1$ to another graph $G_2$. Is the sequence of operations that take $G_1$ from $G_2$ of interest in this ...
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Node ordering in Graph optimization

I'm solving a network optimization problem which is modeled as a graph $G=(V,E)$. Solving this problem using Pulp and NetworkX in Python and ordering the graph's nodes in a certain order (i.e. (1,2,3,...
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Is this a common generalization of the independent set problem?

Suppose a minimum weighted independent set in a conflict graph with $n$ vertices. The basic version is where each vertex $i$ is associated with a weight $c_i$. i.e., there is a vector $C$ for the ...
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Simplex - Network flow problem : Arc from 1 to P with infinite capacity

The Network - Maximum flow problem below aims to find the maximum flow using simplex method : With the LP as follow : LP : \begin{Bmatrix} Z(Max) = \sum_{i=1}^{m} fi \\ Af =0 \end{Bmatrix} ...
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Complexity of cardinality constrained maximum weight independent set problem

Given a graph with a set of nodes and edges, the goal of the maximum independent set problem is to find the maximum number of vertices where no two vertices are adjacent. This is well-known NP-hard ...
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Need help with a model to optimize a trail in directed graph

The graph in the image represents the production sequencing on a machine with production capacity C in volume. Each node N represents a different product with a profit L per volume produced. Every ...
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Bipartite matching

If I have two matrix $$A = \begin{bmatrix} 1 & 2 \\ 2 & 3 \end{bmatrix} $$ and $$B = \begin{bmatrix} 3 & 4 \\ 5 & 3 \end{bmatrix} $$ We have to make a matching between $A$ and $B$ ...
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Spectral clustering with laplacian matrix eigenvector

I want to separate a given graph in $k$ clusters with the laplacian matrix ($L = D-A$ where $D$ is the degree matrix and $A$ the adjacency matrix). How can the eigenvectors of $L$ be used, along with ...
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Distributed coloring of nodes of sensor ntwork

I have the same graph coloring problem as in Coloring of nodes of a sensor network @RobPratt and @prubin have proposed some very good solutions. This time I am or interested in distributed coloring ...
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In routing problems, when is it ever necessary to include both 1) subtour elimination constraints, AND 2) elementary paths constraint?

In many routing problems, it is fairly common to include a constraint that ensures all vehicles follow an elementary path, meaning that no vertices are repeated. However, when an elementary path is ...
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How to embed an arbitrary graph into (k,d)-kautz space (like multidimensional scaling of non-normed space)

How to embed an arbitrary graph into (k,d)-kautz space (like multidimensional scaling of non-normed space)? See details in the following. Given a graph $G = \{V,E\}$, we have a distance matrix (the ...
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