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For questions related to problems that optimize a posynomial subject to posynomial and monomial constraints.

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Geometric programming: Why are the constraints defined to be less than/equal to 1?

In a simple convex optimisation problem, the standard form is given by \begin{align}\min_{\bf x}&\qquad f({\bf x})\\\text{s.t.}&\qquad g_i({\bf x})\le 0,\quad i=1,\cdots,m\\&\qquad h_j({\...
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Geometric Programming with Simple Affine Equality Constraint

Consider a Geometric Program (GP), $$ \begin{array}{cl} \operatorname{minimize} & f_{0}(x) \\ \text { subject to } & f_{i}(x) \leq 1, \quad i=1, \ldots, m, \\ & g_{i}(x)=1, \quad i=1, \...
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Implement geometric constraint using DOCplex

currently I'm working on a wind farm layout optimization problem. I found an appropriate model in literature (Fischetti et al.) and now I'm trying to reproduce it using the Python API of cplex with ...
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