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Optimization algorithm for space debris

I'm currently working on a research project to optimize the recovery of space debris. We have to recover 50 pieces of space debris with the minimum number of missions possible. The missions are sent ...
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Is evolution algorithm suitable for combinatorial optimization problem

I'm wondering if evolution-like (or genetic) algorithms are competitive for combinatorial optimization (CO) problems, such as knapsack, maximum independent set, travelling salesman etc. problems in ...
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Pygmo2: What is the point of evolving an archipelago in a loop if number of generations already set in algo

I want to solve a multi-objective problem with nsga2 or moead taking advantage of the parallelism available in pygmo library. I have seen a very nice example on github posted below. However I am not ...
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Job scheduling for a 2 stage job with 2 machines available for each stage

I am trying to solve a problem where I am provided a list of jobs that need to be scheduled to minimize the processing time. Every job has to be performed in 2 stages where the second stage can be ...
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Use GA for Assignment Problem?

I have a two-objective assignment problem that appears to converge really slowly to a solution. Even if we just have 1 objective that minimizes costs, it appears to be very slow for a worker-task ...
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When to use Tabu Search or Genetic Algorithms and when not?

Are there any rules of thumb about when to implement which? For example, I am trying to solve OR scheduling problems. I see that majority of people have implemented Genetic Algorithms. However, more ...
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Are Metaheuristics and Evolutionary Algorithms the "Gold Standard" for the Traveling Salesman Problem?

Are Metaheuristics and Evolutionary Algorithms the "Gold Standard" for the Traveling Salesman Problem? I am interested in learning more about how we have been able to solve the (famous) ...
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Genetic Algorithm

I am evaluating a genetic algorithm that was written for a vehicle routing problem with time windows. The problem was not solved with any exact method (or with any solver). I also do not know bound of ...
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Good book to get familiar with the key concepts of Operations Research for a person which didn't enjoy a good math education in university?

I am currently reading research papers on optimization problems in logistics and struggle to understand the math notation. Any good beginner friendly books you would recommend? This is the paper I ...
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I didn't understand my problem with PSO and GA

I have a problem with three objective functions to be minimized, F1(interval value is [0,100]); F2(interval value is [0,100]); and F3(interval value is [0,20]). To solve my problem, I use Particle ...
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Relationship between Hypervolume and population size, number of generations, and number of functional evaluations?

I have a multi-objective optimization with the following properties: Objective function: two non-linear functions and one linear function Decision variable: two real variables (Bounded) Constraint: ...
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How to interpret velocity computation in Particle Swarm Optimization?

Please in PSO metaheuristic when we calculate the velocity what is the advantage of using pBest?
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Prove NP Hardness for non-convex multi-objective optimization

The multi-objective optimization problem in my case is non-linear as it consists of three objective function of which two are nonlinear function and the third is a linear function. Lets say objective ...
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Which multi-objective optimization algorithm should one select?

The multi-objective optimization problem in my case is defined below: Objective 1: Minimize $f_1(X_1,X_2)=C_1X_1+C_2X_2+C_3X_1^2+C_4X_2^2+C_5X_1^2X_2^2$ Objective 2: Minimize $f_2(X_1,X_2)=D_1X_1+...
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Measuring performance of Genetic Algorithms

I'm looking for information concerning Genetic Algorithm (GA) outputs reliability. I've found some papers applying metaheuristics that have run their algorithms 30 times and got the best solution ...
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