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Forecasting based inventory management

In most text books on inventory management and inventory optimisation I have come across, it is assumed that demand follows some known distribution (often a normal distribution). However, when talking ...
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How would the Contextual Stochastic Optimization framework be applied to a bilevel problem whose uncertain parameters lie in the inner problem?

Although I only heard about Contextual Stochastic Optimization (CSO) a few months ago, I know now the excitement has been going on for a while. I'm not sure if the idea of CSO has been around for long,...
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Forecasting with Holt's linear trend method

In Holt's linear trend method, given a time series $y_1,\cdots,y_t$, the forecasting equation at time $t+h$ based on data up to time $t$ is given by $$ \hat{y}_{t+h|t}= \ell_t + h b_t \tag{1} $$ where ...
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Car rental time series forecasting [closed]

I have the time series of car rentals/demand in a location. The time axis is every hour for 3 months. The y-axis is number of car rentals/demand. I want to do prediction for future hours given this ...
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Multiple SKU forecast for Intermittent Demand

I've been tasked to generate a forecast for our newly operation business which has more than 500+ sku. Almost 90% of them are following intermittent demand pattern, with very few data points to train ...
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How to handle many time series?

At first, I should apologize if this question is not relevant to this website, but since there are some researchers from the management science community, I ask the question here. I have data for ...
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Meaning of Moving Average Term in ARIMA

I am working on a forecasting project and want to reaffirm my knowledge on different techniques before blindly hitting run in my Python code. I am testing several forecasting techniques such as ...
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