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For questions related to optimization problems for choosing the optimal locations of facilities such as warehouses, factories, fire stations, etc.

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Estimating multistop routing costs

In many OR problems, it is sometimes a good idea (or necessary) to relax routing constraints. An example of this occurs in the classical facility location problem, where a warehouse can send out a ...
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Which software to use for Voronoi diagrams?

I have recently been looking at some facility location problems and how they change in the presence of the motorway (or highway, freeway) etc. Tried to visualize some observations with the Voronoi ...
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What is the general name (e.g. facility location problem) for this problem (if any)?

I would like to know if there is a general name for the following problem: We will open several facilities. Each facility has an associated facility type. There exists a given number of facility ...
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Popup facility location

I was searching through articles for popup facility location and could not find anything devoted to it. If anyone has come across it, can someone guide me to some papers?
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Under what conditions is the optimal solution to the warehouse location problem the same for a subset of customers?

I am wondering whether there exists some general insight for when the optimal solution to the warehouse location problem is still optimal for a given subset of customers. For example: Does the ...
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Two-stage stochastic with non-linear recourse

I am working on a two-stage facility location problem as I described in this question. I am solving it with the L-shaped method (Benders decomposition). The cost value between each $(i,j)$ is a ...
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Why use the discrete demand setting at all?

Currently, I am working on facility location problems and I noticed why we use discrete demand setting at all. If the problem is to allocate customers to a facility and we have millions of customers, ...
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Facility location over time - Parameter

I'm trying to model this scenario that each population group gets assigned to a hospital over a period of time. The time is divided into say a period of 30 weeks, and I have about 8 age-wise ...
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Single Facility Problem

Hi, Can someone explain to me how this works or refer to any page that tells how the single facility problem works step by step?
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Guidance on selecting locals for waste treatment installation

I am seeking guidance for a study in which I have the coordinates of 3 wastewater treatment plants (WTPs) shown in blue, and 54 farms shown in red (see the figure below). My goal is to calculate ...
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