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Questions tagged [dynamic-programming]

For questions about dynamic programming, a mathematical optimization technique where the optimal solution to the problem is found by breaking it down to simpler sub-problems and solved recursively.

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14 votes
2 answers

Suggestion of some courses in sequential decision making

I am studying about sequential decision making and I am willing to know if there is any course which is recorded and is publically available covering topics in dynamic programming (DP), reinforcement ...
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2 answers

Optimal set order to maximize stochastic reward

You have a ticket allowing you to visit up to $n$ of $M$ carnival booths offering games of chance. At each booth you have probability $p_{i}$ of winning a reward with average value $r_{i}$. Each booth ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Circular reference in states of the Bellman equation

I want to formulate a game of darts as a dynamic program. The goal is to minimize the number of darts thrown while reaching checkout. A dart player has a score s. If his score is s = ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Dynamic program for knapsack in $O(W)$ space?

A familiar dynamic programming algorithm for the binary knapsack problem $$ \begin{align} \text{maximize}\quad & v \cdot x \\ \text{subject to} \quad & w \cdot x \leq W \\ \quad&x_i \text{ ...
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Bellman equation for darts that minimizes the number of turns

I want to formulate a game of darts as a dynamic program again. This question is closely related to my previous post where I wanted to minimize the number of throws to reach checkout. Now the goal is ...
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