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Questions tagged [disciplined-convex-programming]

Disciplined convex programming (DCP) is a system for constructing mathematical expressions with known curvature from a given library of base functions.

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Global optimizers handling minimization of expressions like $\log{v}+\frac{1}{v}$

Consider the simple problem of maximum likelihood estimation of the variance of a mean zero normal distribution. The expression to be minimised is: $$N \log{v}+\frac{1}{v}\sum_{n=1}^N{b_n^2},$$ where $...
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How can I convexify (allowed some approximation) the objective function?

I have a known matrix, $H$ of size $U\times B$. The optimization variable is $D$ of same size, which is binary Now I have $$S_u=\frac{\sum\limits_{b=1}^{B} D_{u,b}H_{u,b}}{\sum\limits_{b=1}^{B}H_{u,b}-...
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Global optimizers handling minimization of an expression arising from the likelihood of a multivariate normal

I am interested in converting the following optimisation problem into a form that an exponential cone and/or SDP solver such as MOSEK can handle. This is a multivariate version of the question I ...
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How to transform this problem with logarithmic objective function into an approximated convex optimization problem?

I have an objective function as follows $\underset{x_{m,n}}{\max}\hspace{1mm}\hspace{1mm}\sum_{m=1}^{M}\log_2\left(\frac{\sum_{n=1}^{N}(1-x_{m,n})\omega_{m,n}+z}{\sum_{n=1}^{N}x_{m,n}\omega_{m,n}}\...
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