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Questions tagged [demand-distribution]

For questions related to probability distributions used to model demands for products or services, e.g., in an inventory or supply chain optimization context.

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Priority based demand fulfilment in Linear Constraint

Say I have 3 sources. D1, D2, D3. their capacity is 100, 200, 400. I want to create some constraints such that First D1 is depleted then D2 and then D3. But the catch is you cant use min or max ...
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Why the lead-time demand variance is not simply the variance of the product of two independent random variables?

In many text books, I find that the variance of the lead-time demand, if the lead-time and demand are independent random variables is defined as: \begin{align} {\mathrm{var}}[LTD] = \mu_{LT}\cdot\...
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use Forecast distribution width in inventory optimization

I have a demand forecast that gives me a distribution for future demand, for each time period in percentiles (e.g. demand for period 1 will be between 6 and 25 (zero and 100th percentiles, and i know ...
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Supply chain simulation is not working. Any help please?

I am trying to simulate a supply chain scenario. Demand is random (e.g. between 100-400 units) and lead time vary 2 to 4 days for each supply. The holding cost(h), penalty cost (p) for lost_sales, ...
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Car rental time series forecasting [closed]

I have the time series of car rentals/demand in a location. The time axis is every hour for 3 months. The y-axis is number of car rentals/demand. I want to do prediction for future hours given this ...
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lsqcurvefit error in simulation of demands in MATLAB

I want to simulate the demand of a factory. This is not a real problem, the demand follows this relation $D= AB^2C^3$ where $A$, $B$ and $C$ have normal distributions: $$A\sim N(10,2.5),\quad B\sim(6,...
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PYOMO - Optimization for the daily production of a products demand minimizing the production cost

I am trying to build an optimization model using PYOMO for the daily production of a product demand, minimizing the production cost. I have demand, production capacity (by machine by day), production ...
5 votes
2 answers

Estimating optimal inventory in times of high uncertainty due to coronavirus

I'm trying to help out a relative of mine who runs a small highly seasonal business in the clothing/textiles industry. 80% of sales are in Q1 of every year, and the purchasing and manufacturing ...
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Real world demand dataset

I am looking for a publicly available real world demand data to compare the performance of some algorithms. The dataset should include some products with data of a sufficiently long period of time. I ...
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4 answers

Good distribution assumptions for customer demand in a supply chain

Why do we normally assume normal distribution/Poisson distribution for customer demand in a supply chain? Are there other good distribution assumptions?
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