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Multi-Stage Stochastic Decomposition

I have a multi-stage model with both binary and continuous first-stage investment variables and continuous operational next-stage variables: $$ \sum_{s} \rho_{s} \left[ x_{s} + y_{s} + \sum_{t}(y^{op}...
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What is the go-to practical method for optimizing separable quadratic programs?

I have a quadratic program that looks like this: For fixed vector $b$, and matrices $A_1, ..., A_n$, Find column vectors $x_1, ..., x_n$ that minimize $\sum_{i=1}^n x_i ^T 1 1^T x_i$ subject to $\sum_{...
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1 answer

Benders decomposition feasibility/ optimality cuts

I am trying to understand Benders Decomposition method. I am reading this book Decomposition techniques in mathematical programming by A Conejo, E Castillo, R Minguez. The book provides an example of ...
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Benders Decomposition cuts for MILP problem with further separable subproblems

I am solving an OR scheduling problem where I assign the patient to (day,OR) tuple in Master Problem. Once the assignment is made, a subproblem can be solved for each (day,OR) tuple independently ...
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Minimizing sum of functions with pairwise dependence

I have formulated a problem where I need to minimize the sum of $N$ functions, with only pairwise dependence between the functions (any single constraint involves only two functions having adjacent ...
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How to solve this variant of RCPSP

We have $m$ projects in parallel that require shared resources the resources has time varying capacities (i.e $B_{rt}$ is the units of resource $r$ available in period $t$). For each project there is $...