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Spectral clustering with laplacian matrix eigenvector

I want to separate a given graph in $k$ clusters with the laplacian matrix ($L = D-A$ where $D$ is the degree matrix and $A$ the adjacency matrix). How can the eigenvectors of $L$ be used, along with ...
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Formulation for data insight

There is an interesting data insight question that I want to solve using mathematical programming. I aim to find the combination of features that has the highest impact on the target indicators. We ...
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Supply Chain shortage drug Public Data Repository [closed]

I don't know if I'm in the right place but I have a relevant problem. I need a dataset on drug supply shortages because I need it in my graduation thesis. PS: I looked everywhere but couldn't find ...
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How to generate data for test?

I am working on the following problem: I have a scheduling problem with time-varying capacities and other characteristics that are not treated in classic Job Shop or Flow Shop. How to generate such ...
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I need help with finding commuting data for an O.R. MSc thesis

I'm working on my MSc thesis and I need real commuting to work data to apply to the optimization models I developed. I read multiple papers that use commuting data and they all refer to public ...
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How would you characterize "optimization data?"

We often hear that in practice, not enough data of sufficient quality, consistency, recency, etc. is available for feeding into mathematical optimization models. Example: my university wanted to plan/...
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Data Formulation for Mixed-Integer-Programming Models

Until now, I have used the Gurobi, CPLEX and OR-Tools (GCO) interface to formulate mixed-integer-programming models. Recently, I have discovered MiniZinc and want to utilize it to formulate big ...
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Tool/Editor to visualize optimization problem files and solutions

Is there a tool with a graphical user interface which helps to visualize optimization problem files (e.g. lp/mps) and solutions? Let's say you have an optimization problem and a solution and want to ...
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Vehicle routing benchmark instances

I recently started working on the classical split delivery vehicle routing problem (SDVRP). I appreciate if someone could let me know where to download benchmark instances for this problem? I am also ...
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Decoding a Deep Neural Network as an Analytical Expression for Optimization Purpose

This post is not really about a specific question but rather a topic I am curious about to know more. We know that when it comes to integrate machine/statistical learning with optimization for the ...
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Real world demand dataset

I am looking for a publicly available real world demand data to compare the performance of some algorithms. The dataset should include some products with data of a sufficiently long period of time. I ...
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Model Update for Data Driven Real Time Process Optimization

The question I am about to ask is not a technical one but rather based on following a correct approach, which I am sure would be helpful to many. I am currently working on a project which involves ...
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Supply Chain Public Data Repository

I was wondering if there is any repository of datasets for supply chain problems. For example, the UC Irvine Machine Learning Repository contains datasets for ML, and MIPLIB is used as a benchmark for ...
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Strategic planning based on average values

If you have strategic planning problems like hub location problems, the input data often consists of average values for shipping volumes etc. When planning capacities, it is risky to ignore the ...
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