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Questions tagged [cutting-stock]

The cutting stock problem is the optimization problem of cutting standard sized pieces of stock (EG: paper, metal, fabric) into various sized pieces while reducing wastage.

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Comparing between Kantorovich and Gilmore-Gomory formulations to solve Cutting stock problem by column generation

The well-known approach to solving the cutting stock problem is the Gilmore-Gomory (GG) formulation in a column generation procedure. The master and subproblems of GG formulation are: (for simplicity ...
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Formulation and modeling of a logistics problem: Combination of bin packing and cutting stock problem?

I'm a Data Scientist with a strong mathematical background but don't know much apart from textbook material about Operations Research. I'm dealing with a logistics problem which I don't know how to ...
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Cutting Stock Problem : Mixed Integer Programming

I am asked to solve the following problem: The problem: You were asked to repair a farm house with sheets of plywood. You were given thirty sheets of plywood. (each size = 10ft x 10ft) The house ...
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Cplex : The cutting stock problem

The problem below aims to minimize the cutting leftovers from each cut : A company manufactures desks for kids gardens and primary schools, colleges and high schools. The leg of these desks all have ...
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Family of hard instances for Gomory's cutting plane algorithm

Is there a variant of integer programs for which Gomory's cutting plane algorithm demonstrably takes a superpolynomial number of iterations?
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Reference for column generation applications

When talking about column generation algorithms, the main example is the cutting stock problem. I'm aware that variations of vehicle routing problem (VRP) can be solved using a column generation ...
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