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Using the Alternative Cut Generation Problem in Benders, why do I get different results?

I am using Benders' Decomposition to solve a stochastic MIP. To improve cut selection, I implemented the Alternative Cut Generation Problem as proposed by Fischetti et al. (2010). I will summarize the ...
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Is there a way to calcuate the maximum number of cuts in a Benders decomposition?

Since the benders algorithm is finite, there a maximum number of cuts that could theoretically be added. The worst case is that I add cuts for all extreme points and all extreme rays that are part of ...
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Deriving a valid inequality

Given a set of facilities $I$ and days $J$, each facility $i \in I$ has a capacity of $C_i$, and a set of days $J$ where in each day $j \in J$ there's a total demand of $q_j$ that can be satisfied by ...
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Tightening a specific constraint

I would like to know if there exists any way to reformulate the following constraint in which one can relax the binary variable $z_{j,m}$, and the solution still being an integer for that. The ...
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why the -1 in basis column for simplex tableau?

When I look at the tableau generated by Gurobi for a simple 3D problem with five constraints, I get this: I expected to not have a -1 in basis columns 4, 5, 6 (referring to slack variables 1, 2, 3 if ...
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