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Questions tagged [constraint-programming]

For questions on modeling satisfaction or optimization problems in languages designed for expressing (often high-level) constraints on decision variables.

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3 answers

What is the difference between integer programming and constraint programming?

At first glance both approaches appear to be very similar. What are the major differences between integer programming and constraint programming?
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How to select a Constraint Programming Solver

I would like to clarify that I am absolutely not an expert when it comes to constraint programming (I happen to use it when it seems to be the right tool for the right job). It is my understanding ...
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How to visit a subset of network nodes in a single trip?

I have a connected network where I want to visit a set of destinations which may require visiting intermediate nodes as well because there may be no direct edge between source and destination nodes. I ...
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Force gaps between tasks, tasks are scheduled within their job's time windows in Jobshop problem

The problem I'm trying to solve is a modification of the original Jobshop problem. The additional constraints are: There is only one machine for all jobs and their tasks. Each job has a priority (...
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18 votes
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Mathematically creating the 'perfect' permutation for reservations in a hostel

I am working at a hostel which uses a reservation system for each room and the beds in the room (e.g. $14$ beds in one room, bed numbers $1-14$.) When we get bookings for multiple people, we assign ...
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Good resources for solving techniques (Metaheuristics, MILP, CP etc)

I want some resources (tutorials, online courses, lecture notes, articles, books, etc.) to learn the different techniques to solve OR problems (metaheuristics, CP, MILP, etc). It would be better if ...
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What is the standard practice in Constraint Programming modeling?

I know some general concepts regarding Constraint Programming (e.g., the ones explained in this answer). I am interested in learning how to formulate a combinatorial optimisation problem as a ...
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3 answers

Constraint programming resources

I am looking for resources to learn constraint programming. I will divide the resources I am looking for in three types: Modeling Is there resources (books, articles, courses, etc.) that are ...
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Adding a constraint in constraint programming

Is it true that the more we add constraint to a constraint programming solver the more efficient it will be? How does this compare to adding constraints in integer programming solvers.
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Solving Quadratically Constrained Quadratic Program with Cross Product Terms Only

I'm totally new to the world of optimization and I have an optimization problem that I think it can be formulated as Mixed Integer Quadratically Constrained Quadratic Program (QCQP) but I'm not sure ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Binary variable constraint

The task is to ensure that if $x_i = 1$ for at least $k$ of the possible indices $i$ in $\{1,...,n\}$ then $y = 1$, where $k$ and $n$ are parameters, $x$ is a binary variable vector with $n$ elements, ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Formulation of a constraint in a MIP for an element in different Sets

I have an element e $\in E$ with $E$ the set containing all elements e and $e \in Y_i$ with $Y_i \subseteq E$. Each set $Y_i$ has different attributes. $G_j$ is a set of sets and the following holds: $...
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2 answers

Extracting CNF representation of my problem from SAT solver

As I know, any SAT solver such as or-tools or cplex cp optimizer converts a given problem to CNF form in the first place. Is it possible to extract the resulting CNF representation from or-tools or ...
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CP-SAT solver doesn't use all space available for scheduling

This problem is a continuation of this problem. The issue here is the solver doesn't use the whole space available for the scheduling and thus some jobs are not being scheduled. For example: we need ...
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Scheduling to minimize total "wait to start" time

I have a scheduling problem I am trying to work through. As I was outlining the problem, I realized it is probably of a known problem type, but I am unsure of what keywords to search for or what ...
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How can I linearize this IF-THEN constraint?

Let $P_{t,u}; t=1,2,\ldots,T, u=1,2,\ldots,U$ be known values $\alpha$ is also a known parameter $X_{t,u}$ an optimization variable I have the following constraint: IF $P_{t,u}\geq\alpha$, THEN $X_{...
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Linearize conditional constraint

Consider a variable c from the domain {-1,0,1}. I have the following constraint: IF $c = 1 \Rightarrow x = 1 $ ELSE $x = 0$ How do I linearize this constraint?
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