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Ideal programming language for an operations researcher

No single programming language will meet every need. However, there should be a language that most operations research scientists prefer to master. I have coded different algorithms in Matlab and ...
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Scheduling optimization, Adding 4 day same shift and 3 day off weekly constraint

Am writing a small scheduling program in C# for a group of 7 staff who will be working in three shifts daily for 4 weeks. Am using the google OR-Tools Template, but i have modified it abit This is the ...
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CP sat solver approach for task assignment with pre defined task start end times

I spent some time trying to clarify the problem more succinctly. I has a set of fixed tasks which are of a certain type/category and which can be allocated to a set of workers. The tasks have ...
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CPLEX solver for quadratic problems with barrier algorithm

I'm writing a convex minimization model with a quadratic objective function and linear constraints in C#. I set CPLEX to solve the problem with the barrier algorithm. The interesting thing is when I ...
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Is there any open source quadratic programming solver with C# API

I have a quadratic programming model (i.e., quadratic objective function and linear constraint) and, I want to solve it on an open-source solver. Since our project developed on C#, we also would like ...
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Building model takes so much time in Cplex

I am a beginner in CPLEX. I have a model with about 1 million constants and 800k rows and 1.6 million columns. I implemented in both GAMS and CPLEX (C# as the platform). The final solution for both is ...
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Using OR-Tools with .NET and GUROBI

We want to model our MILP problem with Google OR-Tools in .NET, and solve it using GUROBI (solver may change in the next 1-2 years). However, we couldn't find the correct syntax to call GUROBI. https:/...
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How to call Cplex.AddMIPStart method

Could you please tell where I can find a method Cplex.AddMIPStart? By that I mean in which library and how to link this library to my C# project.
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CP-SAT _ Summing variables under conditions

I have been working lately on scheduling optimization using CP-SAT in OR-TOOLS and now I'm at the point where I need to start considering due dates in my model. I didn't want to put them as ...
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Google OR returning different values depending on language

Lately, I have been working on a CP-SAT model for solving multi-resource flexible job shop problems. I used the code (1) as an inspiration for building code (2) in Python which works well. Then I had ...
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Flexible Job Shop Problem with several resources per alternative - Ortools

It has been quite a journey for me to go from 0 to understanding the job shop (js) and the flexible job shop (fjs) examples given by Google's ORTOOLS team. Now the time has come for me to start ...
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How can I use warm start in C#

I have been working on an MIP in C#. I want to reduce the gap, so I'm trying warm start. I use this code just before solve(). ...
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Optimal way to ensure optional intervals are consecutive in OR-Tools

I am trying to solve a scheduling problem in OR-Tools. There are lots of "events" that need to be scheduled to "blocks" (essentially half-days). I am naturally using optional intervals for the events. ...
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