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Branch-and-Price for VRPs: Enforcing branching on arcs

The following is based on my understanding, which may have flaws, so please correct me if I claim something wrong. When solving VRPs with Branch-and-Price, one can enforce integrality by branching on ...
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Local Branching in Branch-And-Price

Is it somehow possible to apply local branching in branch-and-price? In branch-and-bound it is easy to add a constraint that allows at most k decision variables to change compared to a given solution. ...
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How to evaluate the quality of a solution obtained using the price-and-branch method for an IP problem?

I have solved an integer programming problem using the price-and-branch (not branch-and-price) approach exactly as same as described in this question and obtained a feasible solution. As this approach ...
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How to consider time cost in VRP with BPC method

When we use branch, price and cut method to solve VRPTW problems, the objectives is always: minimize the total distance, or minimize the sum of distance-related variable cost and truck-related fixed ...
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Puzzles of branch and price algorithm

I'm new to the branch and price algorithm. Though I have some knowledge about how branch & bound and column generation work, there're still some details making me confused. In short, my problem is:...
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How do we branch a Cutting Stock problem using Branch and Price?

I'm sure this is a straightforward question, but since I started learning integer programming recently this isn't clear to me. Consider solving a 1 dimensional cutting stock problem using delayed ...
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Name of graph algorithm arising while using the Ryan Foster Branching

I'm using the Ryan-Foster branching in my Branch and Price algorithm for a pickup and delivery problem, but I'm having trouble keeping track of all the pairs as I go down the search tree. Let's say ...
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Integer column generation without branch & price

Consider the following situation. I have an integer program which I want to solve using column generation. After a suitable decomposition, the master problem has decision variables that select the ...
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Odd behavior in the branch bound and price algorithm with column generation

I have two questions on branch-bound-and-price. Why does it sometimes fail? For instance, the paper by Dabia et al shows results where the proposed algorithm fails for some cases. The paper does not ...
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Dual of a model to obtain reduced costs

I have the following model which I am going to solve with column generation. \begin{align} \max & \sum_{b \in B} \sum_{s \in S} \sum_{r \in \Omega_s}\beta_{bs}p_r y_{br}\label{objective-set1}\\ ...
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Branch and price with two sets of exponential variables

There are classes of problems which allow for "natural" extended formulations using multiple exponential-size sets of variables. For example, 2-echelon routing problems can be modelled ...
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How to implement branch and price?

I heard once that the branch and price (B&P) algorithm is among the hardest ones in OR, but if it's implemented well, it could be very efficient. Aare there other algorithms that are also that ...
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Branch and Price Algorithm

Can branch and price be a good solution approach for a routing problem with min-max objective function? For example, minimizing the max length of any vehicle route in a VRP. In the literature, I haven'...
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A Question on A tutorial on column generation and branch-and-price for vehicle routing problems by Dominique Feillet

I am reading A tutorial on column generation and branch-and-price for vehicle routing problems by Dominique Feillet to learn the column generation approach, but I have a problem. in section 3.3 ...
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Branch and Price algorithm is exact?

I know that the Column Generation algorithm delivers an exact solution when you are solving a linear programming optimization problem. I want to know that, does this column generation approach deliver ...
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C++ code for branch and price

I looking to learn to use bpcolumn generation techniques in c++. Does any body know of GitHub repository or any other site where I can find some code And learn about it... The application can be ...
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Branch-and-Price: return gap using SCIP

I implemented a branch-and-price tree in python. I would like to stop the process after 5 hours and return the gap in % between the best integer solution found so far and the optimal solution. How ...
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When using column generation, can I delete a node with negative reduced cost from my subproblem?

I am solving a minimization problem with a column generation procedure. The master problem is of the form $$ \min \sum_{i\in \Omega}c_i \lambda_i $$ subject to $$ \sum_{i\in \Omega \mid v \in i } \...
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Tools to implement branch-and-price algorithms

As far as I know, implementing a branch-and-price algorithm is a task far from trivial. However, there are tools such as SCIP or the BCP framework of COIN-OR that help implement such algorithms. I ...
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