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Questions tagged [branch-and-bound]

For questions related to the branch-and-bound method for integer programming problems, which recursively divides the solution space and identifies upper and lower bounds on the optimal objective function value.

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11 votes
4 answers

Theoretical results on performance of branch-and-bound

Are there any theoretical results on the performance of branch-and-bound, even for a subset of instances of a particular discrete optimization problem? As an example, does there exist a result of ...
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1 answer

Rules of thumb for using classic methods (e.g. branch and bound) vs. meta-heuristics (G.A, S.A, etc..) for non-convex problems?

Are there any rules of thumb for when to use classical methods like branch and bound, branch and cut, etc...for non-convex problems, vs using meta-heuristic methods like genetic algorithms, ...
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12 votes
3 answers

Performance of a branch and bound algorithm VS branch-cut-heuristics

I was trying to solve a moderate scheduling model using an open-source solver. I did two different ways. A) using pure branch and bound algorithm (disable all options). B) using the default setting ...
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14 votes
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Estimation of the size of Branch-and-Bound trees using ML

A short background: A paper [1] published in 2006 intends to show that the time needed to solve mixed-integer programming problems by branch and bound can be roughly predicted early in the solution ...
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2 answers

How to change the search strategy in a B&B framework, i.e., start with depth first and then continue with best node?

Is there any implementation, code or software, which can switch between search strategies in a B&B framework?
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