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For questions related to Benders decomposition, a type of optimization algorithm in which certain variables are optimized in a "master problem," the values of those variables are fixed, the remaining variables are optimized in a "subproblem," cuts are generated to be added to the master problem, and the method repeats.

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Ill-conditioned LP in Benders decomposition

I have implemented a Benders decomposition for a constrained network flow but the LP solver (Gurobi) warns me of the ill-conditioning of the subproblem dual LP. As you can see below, the coefficients ...
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Benders decomposition for a dense MILP

I am trying to solve a large MILP, but it seems like dense problems can be very difficult for moderns solvers. I tried to solve the problem described below considering only constraints (1) and (2) ...
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Implementing Logic-based Benders decomposition on a single search tree

Currently, I am working on a scheduling problem and trying to approach it by the logic-based Benders decomposition method. Theoretically, I have everything, i.e., the master and sub problem(s), the ...
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Automated Benders Using Annotations

I'm trying to solve an optimization model using Automated Benders with annotations using CPLEX library in C++. I've defined a master problem and N (number of supply nodes in my model's network) ...
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Benders with MINLP subproblem as the pricing problem of Dantzig Wolfe

I have a convex MINLP that after a Dantzig-Wolfe reformulation, passes most of the difficulty onto the pricing problem, which becomes a convex MINLP itself. The pricing problem should be solvable with ...
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Two-stage stochastic with non-linear recourse

I am working on a two-stage facility location problem as I described in this question. I am solving it with the L-shaped method (Benders decomposition). The cost value between each $(i,j)$ is a ...
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About combinatorial Benders Cuts

I am solving an OR scheduling problem where I assign the patient to (day,OR) tuple in Master Problem. Once the assignment is made, a subproblem can be solved for each (day,OR) tuple independently ...
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CPLEX gets stuck in "Performing restart"

During solving my problem using generic lazy cuts (in Benders decomposition fashion), the solver gets stuck logging out "Performing restart 2" for several hours (while the time limit is 30 ...
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Fast Algorithms for Min-cost Multicommodity Flow Problem with Most Arcs Having 0 cost

I have a min-cost multicommodity flow problem with the following characteristics: Flows can be fractional (integer flows not required) Set of commodity types is $K$, set of demand nodes is $\\{ d_k : ...
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Is there a way to calcuate the maximum number of cuts in a Benders decomposition?

Since the benders algorithm is finite, there a maximum number of cuts that could theoretically be added. The worst case is that I add cuts for all extreme points and all extreme rays that are part of ...
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Weird behavior when using Automatic Benders Decomposition in CPLEX

I've encountered some weird behavior when using the Automatic Benders Decomposition in CPLEX. I initially solved the MIP without BD and then I compared the results against the Full, Workers and User ...
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Seeking Assistance with Applying Benders Technique for Bilinear Problem Solving

I have two specific types of bilinear terms in the problem. The first type involves the multiplication of an integer variable and a continuous variable, while the second type involves the ...
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How to eliminate large matrix coefficients and large RHS warning in Gurobi

I'm solving a large network flow problem using Gurobi to do Benders decomposition in Python. The imported .csvs contain values that typically fall in either zero, the range of [20,200], or with a ...
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Benders Decomposition Problem

$$r_{m_h,s}(n)=\frac B{m_hb_\ell s}\log_2(1+\gamma_{m_h,s}(n))$$ How to deal with multiple subproblems in Benders decomposition when the original objective function is in product form of an integer ...
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