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For questions related to Benders decomposition, a type of optimization algorithm in which certain variables are optimized in a "master problem," the values of those variables are fixed, the remaining variables are optimized in a "subproblem," cuts are generated to be added to the master problem, and the method repeats.

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How to determine if a given problem seems to be a good fit to be solved using combinatorial Benders decomposition

Combinatorial Benders decomposition is a mathematical programming technique consisting into dividing a problem into a master problem and a sub problem. The master problem is solved to optimality (or ...
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Textbook recommendation for linear programming decomposition fundamentals

I am looking for a textbook on linear programming decomposition fundamentals. The book should be clear and easy-to-follow for self study and should include examples to illustrate the concepts.
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Stochastic Facility Location Model

I am solving a stochastic facility location model using Benders decomposition (L-shaped algorithm). In each scenario, I want to allocate demands from origin to a fixed number of closest open ...
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Stochastic programming MIP solvers

I am aware that Benders Decomposition is readily available in CPLEX and in SCIP; but are there any (free) solvers that provide off the shelf stochastic programming MIP algorithms or a nice to work ...
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Relationship between Benders decomposition and Dantzig-Wolfe decomposition

It’s often said that “Benders decomposition is Dantzig-Wolfe applied to the dual”. How can this statement be made precise? I know that in Dantzig-Wolfe, cuts are added in one-to-one correspondence ...
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How to handle an IP sub-problem with an objective function in Benders Decomposition

I have a question on Benders Decomposition (BD). Suppose I have an MILP model which can be decomposed into a master problem (MP) including integer and continuous variables and a subproblem (SP) ...
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Unbounded master problem in Benders decomposition

After a few iterations, my master problem with optimality cuts is still unbounded. I wonder if it's possible in theory? If it's possible, how to deal with the unbounded master problem?
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How do I check convergence in stochastic Benders?

So in the deterministic version of Benders, the main process works like this: I initialize my x-vector (Integer variables from the master problem) and solve the dual subproblem (SP). I add an ...
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Adding cuts doesn't change the solution of master problem in Benders decomposition

From the problem Unbounded master problem in Benders decomposition, it can happen that after adding cuts the master problem is still unbounded. The answers in the post suggest adding bound for the ...
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