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Recommended books/materials for practical applications of Operations Research in industry

I have a Masters' degree in Mathematics. I've very fair understanding of methods and techniques of Operations Research. I am looking for a good book/material where I can see a lot of examples on Math ...
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Are there any real-world problems where quadratization helps to solve something that couldn't have been solved without quadratization?

The closest thing I know is the computer vision problem, in which an image is de-blurred and/or de-noised by quadratizing a quartic problem into a quadratic optimization problem (QUBO) and then the ...
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Deploying OR solutions and shipping projects

My background is a bachelor in mathematics. I learned basics OR on my own using the following : Introduction to Operations Research by F. Hillier and G. Lieberman Integer programming by l. Wolsey How ...
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What are the reasons OR industry projects fail?

You probably have done some OR projects within the industry or - if you are in academia - for the industry. I'm wondering if you've seen some patterns of why such projects fail (or at least do not ...
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Are programming languages necessary/useful for operations research practitioner?

This semester I will start teaching Programming in Python to Master students in Supply Chain Management. I would like to start the first lesson with "Why learning programming languages will be useful ...
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What are Operations Research applications for 'good causes'?

I am looking for applications of OR for good causes, possibly with some literature. I intend a good cause loosely defined in the sense that the scope is that of improving the well-being of others, e.g....
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How to innovate in OR

I am a graduate student in OR and I want to build one or two independent projects that go beyond academic projects in my university. I would like to target average people and/or those in the industry ...
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Application of complex numbers in Linear Programming?

The theory surrounding Linear Programming is based on variables, bounds and coefficients that take on values in $\mathbb R$, the set of real numbers. I have long wondered whether there might be ...
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Case Studies and Real Problems for Teaching Optimization and Modelling

It is that dreadful time of the year when I am prepping classes and over the last few terms I came to the realization that I need to significantly beef up the practice-oriented content of my lectures. ...
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Difference between "Online Optimization" and "Stochastic Optimization"/"Robust Optimization"?

I just came across the notion of Online optimization (I got a look on Wikipedia page and some other webpages), but it was not enough for me and I am looking for a more elaborated comparison, namely in ...
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Is Hillier F. Introductory to Operations Research a good book for a data analyst interested in Operation Research field?

Is Hillier F. Introduction to Operations Research a good book for a data analyst? I was particularly interested in Operations Research especially when I was reading about the history about this area: ...
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What are technologies or libraries which greatly improve the speed or ease of use for delivering of OR software?

There are many great technologies/libraries out there to improve the speed and quality of implementing and deploying OR applications. However in my experience I "stumbled" upon many of them ...
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How to choose an architecture for an OR web app and how to learn the tech stack associated?

After carefully reading the answers to my previous post I decided to opt for developing and deploying an app as a web service. I watched a talk on optimization apps. It suggests using the following ...
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How to read open-source code of a solver (Or-tools, OptaPlanner, Minotaur, etc.)?

I want to learn more about solvers by reading the code of some open-source projects such as MINOTAUR, Optaplanner and OR-Tools. However, I am struggling. I don't know where to start from there are a ...
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VRP app as a Minimum Viable Product

In this post, Geoffrey De Smet and EhsanK pointed out the opportunities of VRP variants (e.g. mixed pick up and deliveries). If I want to build a Minimum Viable Product (software as a service app). ...
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