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For questions referring to an Application Programming Interface (API) that performs or used to support Operations Research or OR-related functions. Do not use this tag for a general problem with a non-OR related API.

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Using CPLEX in C++, how can I efficiently alter the objective function and then resolve the problem?

I want to solve an optimization problem using the CPLEX API in C++. After solving the model, I then want to resolve it using a different objective function. For that purpose, I learned the functions <...
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How to understand the basis of LP problems given by HiGHS solver?

Here is part of a ".bas" file given by HiGHS using serial dual simplex method to solve an LP problem: HiGHS v1 Valid # Columns 57471 3 1 1 3 3 1 1 3 3 1 1 3 1 3 3 1 ... What does the number &...
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How to reduce an LP problem already in its standard form?

Suppose we have a feasible LP problem in its standard form. From Ax=b we can directly determine some of its variables and thus we can reduce the problem. For example, from two constraints: x+y+z=2 and ...
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Will there be Rust APIs for state-of-the-art solvers?

The Rust programming language is gaining popularity. As the title says, I wonder if state-of-the-art, say MILP, solvers will eventually release APIs for the Rust programming language. Solvers such as ...
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Discrepancy between CPLEX interface solution and C API

I have a C API program uploaded here in Dropbox that is an LP. Here is the problem: When I compile the C file it gives me "1017 Not available for mixed-integer problems" while the problem is ...
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Simplex Method Manual pivoting in GLPK for a Warm Start

My question is kind of related to this 2015 post at Stackoverflow. About Simplex method tableau pivoting in Linear Programming -- this is proving to be difficult in GLPK.. I am using Linux, GLPK 5.0 ...
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Google API Distance Matrix

I am using the Google API Distance Matrix (mode 'driving') in an optimization program. If I run the program twice a day (e.g. in the morning and in the afternoon), I sometimes get different solutions. ...
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Mosek Fusion APIs

Does anyone know if there is a list of available function APIs for Mosek Fusion APIs? Namely, what functions are available, their arguments list and meaning, what they do. Something similar to UNIX ...
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Deploying OR Model as an API

I want to deploy my OR model (python, pyomo) as an Rest API (using Flask) that too on Azure Kubernet. All I have came across so far are ways to do the same for ML models, which can be uploaded as ...
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How to implement CPLEX user cuts using CPXaddusercuts in C API?

I am trying to use CPXaddusercuts to add cutting planes, which have not been violated yet but are likely to be violated as we go down the branch & bound tree, to the list (pool) of constraints. As ...
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How to set solver options in Pyomo with GAMS Python API?

Did anyone have experiences with Pyomo and GAMS as solver? I had looked into the pyomo documentation (GAMSShell Solver) and in the CPLEX Manuals, but doesnt find the correct syntax. My Code looks like:...
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What is the difference between optimization software APIs based on performance and speed?

The state-of-art solvers like CPLEX or Gurobi and some of the open-source solvers have had the different APIs (like Python, C/C++, Java, etc.) in which users could write their MP model in own ...
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Does the API affect the time Gurobi requires to find an optimum?

When working with Gurobi, CPLEX and the like the user can choose between many different APIs, for example Python, C++, R, Java, Matlab or C. Some of these API are more efficient than others. For ...
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