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Abstract-only European conferences in OR with economics sections

Do you know some European conferences requiring to send sole abstract which is then published in book of abstracts? I am searching mostly for conferences in Operations Research with an economics ...
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How do you pronounce MILP? [closed]

Apologies for the english question, but I believe this forum will be better suited for answering my question. I am trying to decide whether I should use A MILP or An MILP, as I have seen both cases in ...
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Python vs. compiled languages in OR research using metaheuristics

In many articles that use metaheuristics to solve optimization problems, the programming language of choice is C++. For example, the following two articles present state-of-the-art metaheuristics to ...
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What is the ACM Queue for operations research (or sub-disciplines)?

In his 2016 Usenix presentation Bryan Cantrill highlighted an issue with how conferences work in operating system research. He mentioned an alternative format called Queue by ACM which he describes as ...
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Interplay of OR and Statistics Research

I saw some posts like this so I figured I would start my own. What are some interesting papers in OR that are related to, or even develop, the theory of statistical inference? What are some of the ...
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Alternatives for real-world data collection in simulation courses for Fall 2020

I teach a discrete-event system simulation course in Fall 2020. As with most DES simulation courses, students have term projects that involve gathering real-world data and building stochastic input ...
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Using R for coding Matheuristic for Research Publication

Given that R possesses superior data pre-processing and post-processing packages, I am thinking of coding a matheuristic using R for publishing in an academic research journal. However, I am unable ...
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Covering problem on a network (?)

I have this problem described in natural language, and I was wondering whether it is relatable to any known problem. I have a directed acyclic graph. Each node can host a "probe". If node $i$ hosts ...
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Academic Licenses of Baron & Knitro

Is there a way to obtain a free BARON or Knitro license? I am doing academic research and I really need these global optimization solvers (Knitro is not necessarily for global optimization, although ...
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How fair is limit solver threads when publishing?

Reading gurobi reference manual I found this: We have also found that certain classes of MIP models benefit from reducing the thread count, often all the way down to one thread. Starting multiple ...
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Implementation gap in logistics

Typically OR-projects steps are: observing a situation, modeling it, solving the model, implementing the solution, and evaluating the situation. In the area of production and logistics, the models ...
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What Is OR Research Like?

I am working on my MSc thesis right now which is in resource economics, but I have ended up actually operating mostly in the realm of OR and learning about programming, algorithms, optimization ...
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How is the field of operations research evolving?

I am interested in applying to some OR faculty positions this academic cycle and I am hoping to get a better understanding of the field. For context, I come from an (electrical) engineering background,...
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Representing an indicator function: binary variables and "indicator constraints"

I want to represent the indicator function: $$ \mathbb{1}_{(y=j)}$$ where $y$ is a non negative, integer variable. My attempt is as follows: define a binary variable: $$ z_j =\begin{cases} 1 \qquad\...
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Non-OR journals which regularly publish OR research

I am looking for journals which do not focus on OR or a subfield (math programming, simulation, logistics, etc.) but still publish a few OR papers on a regular basis. What are some journals which ...
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Ordered list of OR journals

Is there any compact resource that includes a list of all academic journals in the OR/MS space, ranked by journal importance? Although there are some helpful features offered by publisher websites ...
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What are the main differences between Operations Research in the academic world, in the enterprise world and in the government world?

For anyone who's been on both sides of the fence: how does academic OR differ from OR in enterprises or governments?
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