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Operations Research self-study resources for beginners [duplicate]

I am interested in OR, and I am looking for self-study resources targetted towards beginners. If it helps, I am looking for something similar to the "Schaum's Outline of Operations Research", or a ...
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Recommended books/materials for practical applications of Operations Research in industry

I have a Masters' degree in Mathematics. I've very fair understanding of methods and techniques of Operations Research. I am looking for a good book/material where I can see a lot of examples on Math ...
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What are the prerequisites for learning about operations research?

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How to formulate problems in the language of mathematical programming?

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Linear and Integer programming materials

I was wondering if you could refer me to some online video/text resources to learn linear and integer programming. I am intending to work in the field of data science. I greatly appreciate your kind ...
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Book to learn metaheuristics

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Suggested Resources for Non-Linear Optimization

I recently completed an undergraduate course in Linear Programming and Operations Research. I am willing to look into advanced concepts and Non-Linear Optimization algorithms and also, their method of ...
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Scenario Generation and Reduction in Stochastic Optimization

I have to generate scenarios for a stochastic optimization program. I want to reduce this number of scenarios but the assignment of a probability to each scenario is my problem. How can I assign a ...
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VRP book recommendations

I am looking for a book recommendation on the VRP and variants. I am encountering VRP-like problems more and more in my work and would appreciate a reference.
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I'm looking for materials to share with undergrads who want to consider a career or masters degree in OR

My daughter is a math major at a good liberal arts school. It doesn't seem like they have any OR courses or talk much about it as a career choice (either for a job or going to grad school in OR.) And,...
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Integer programming books

I would like to know which books are best to study integer programming. I can see similar questions on this website, such as this one: Books for integer and mixed integer programming Integer and ...
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Good book to get familiar with the key concepts of Operations Research for a person which didn't enjoy a good math education in university?

I am currently reading research papers on optimization problems in logistics and struggle to understand the math notation. Any good beginner friendly books you would recommend? This is the paper I ...
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