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Linearizing max constraint Problem [duplicate]

I want to linearize a max constraint as below: In which x_(i,t),are binary decision variables and T is a constant. How can I linearize this constraint?
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In an integer program, how I can force a binary variable to equal 1 if some condition holds?

Suppose we have a binary or continuous variable $x$, a binary variable $y$, and a constant $b$, and we want to enforce a relationship like If $x \gtreqless b$, then $y = 1$. How can we write this ...
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Why is it important to choose big-M carefully and what are the consequences of doing it badly?

The question here discusses the two different use of "big-M method", where one of them is the big-M in logical constraints and linearization in (mixed-)integer programming problems (that's what I'm ...
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Single reference for Mixed Integer Programming formulations to linearize, handle logical constraints and disjunctive constraints, do Big M, etc?

Is there a single crisp and accessible reference which covers how to generate Mixed Integer Programming formulations to linearize products, handle logical constraints and disjunctive constraints, do ...
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How to minimize an absolute value in the objective of an LP?

I want to solve the following optimization problem $$\begin{array}{ll} \text{minimize} & | c^\top x |\\ \text{subject to} & A x \leq b\end{array}$$ Without the absolute value, this a ...
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How to linearize a constraint with a maximum of binary variables times some coefficient in the right-hand-side

I have the following constraint that I'd like to linearize: $P$ is a given set $b_p \in \{0,1\} , \forall p \in P$ a binary variable associated with each element of $P$ $c_p \in \mathbb{R}^+$, a ...
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How to linearize min function as a constraint?

I'm trying to solve an optimization problem including following constraint, and I need to linearize it in a maximization nonlinear programming model. Please help me to reformulate it with mixed ...
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How to linearize a constraint with max

I would like to linearize a constraint with max. I have the following constraint: $$\max_{pcj}X_{pwcj}\leqslant L_{wk}.$$ With this constraint, I would like to ensure that for $\forall w \in W$, no ...
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Linear programming with if-then-else (big-M)

I am trying to formulate the following in linear programming. \begin{cases}\text{if}\,\,a>b\,\,\text{then}\,\,c=a\\\text{else}\,\,c=b.\end{cases} I tried some things with big $M$, like $$a + my &...
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Use integer/quadratic programming to maximize consecutive zeros in a binary array

A binary array $t = [t_1, t_2, t_3, t_4, t_5]$ with each element a binary integer variable taking values 0 or 1. You can think this vector as slots with 1 representing the slot being taken and 0 ...
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Convert summation of min functions into linear constraints for optimization

I have the following optimization problem: $$ \mbox{maximize } j^{*} \mbox{ subject to:} \sum_{j^{*}\leq j\leq J} \min({\bf A}_j,{\bf B}_j) \geq \lambda, \lambda \in \mathbb{R} \mbox{ and } {\bf A}_j,{...
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How To Linearize $X = \max\{x_1,x_2\}$

I am new to thinking about math programming and I have a particular constraint I am hoping to reformulate, I just don't know the proper mathematical translation for what I am hoping to do. Enforcing ...
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Linearizing objective function with absolute differences

I want to turn this objective function $$\max \sum_{i=1}^{N-1} \sum_{j=i+1}^N |TX_i^T - TX_j^T|$$ where $T$ is just a vector with increasing integers (e.g $[1 \ 2]$) and $X_i$ is a vector ...
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defining Mixed integer linear inequalities for a set of variables

The problem is described as follows: considering $n$ variables which are continuous and bounded such that $$L_i \le x_i \le U_i\quad \forall i=1,2,\dots,n.$$ How can i define a set of mixed integer ...
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