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Nonlinear integer (0/1) programming solver

I have the following optimisation problem.\begin{align}\max&\quad\sum_i\sum_j\sum_k x_{ji}y_{kj} \operatorname{cost}(i,k)\\\text{s.t.}&\quad\sum_j x_{ji}=1\quad\forall i\\&\quad\sum_k y_{...
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Combinatorial problem in my daughter’s class

In Denmark, a rather substantial amount of work and effort has gone into reducing bullying in the Danish public schools. Many initiatives, which purposes are to strengthen the unity and solidarity in ...
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How can I linearize or convexify this binary quadratic optimization problem?

I have an optimization problem as below. I am having a hard time with the last constraint. $\max \eta$ subject to ${\bf U}(:,m)^T{\bf A}{\bf U}(:,m)=0,m=1,2,\cdots,M$ here $\bf{A}$ is a Binary ...
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How to transform this logical if-then constraint?

Consider the binary variables $x, y, z \in \{0,1\}$. I'd like to formulate the two if-then constraints: $$ x + y \geq 2 \implies z = 0, \tag{1} $$ $$ x + y \leq 1 \implies z = 1. \tag{2} $$ Constraint ...
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Knapsack - How to optimize bonuses for each pair of items

I am trying to solve a variation of the knapsack problem where every pair of items in my knapsack has a bonus or penalty associated with it. My knapsack can hold a dozen items There are thousands of ...
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Writing a constraint of an integer programming in a linear form

I modeled an optimization problem in an integer programming format. The main constraint I came up with is now nonconvex. I would like to see if there is another equivalent formulation in which the ...
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Conditional Controls in MIP Models

Innocently cross-posted at Mathematics SE I am developing a model that operates in the realm of mixed integer programming, although I am fairly unfamiliar with this area of mathematics at the moment. ...
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Formulate relationship between four binary variables

I have four binary variables $x_{h}$, $x_{h'}$, $y_h$ and $y_{h'}$. I need to have the following relationships satisfied between the variables: 1- If $y_h = 1$ and $y_{h'} = 1$, then exactly one of $...
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How to improve relative mip GAP using CPLEX in a MIP

Supose that I have an integer feasible solution for a MIP and I provide this one for CPLEX. I have tested this situation in a problem and CPLEX have reported the following: ...
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Equivalence between constraints in ILP

Let's have binary variables $x$ and $y$. I'd like to define a helping binary variable $z$ such that $$ z = 1 \; \;\; \mathrm{iff} \; \; \; x + y = 2.$$ If I wanted to express the equivalence between ...
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How to express this constraint?

I have the constraint \begin{align}\max&\quad\gamma\\\text{s.t.}&\quad a\ge\gamma b\\&\quad\gamma\le 1\end{align} where $\gamma$ is an optimization variable and $a$ is a function of some ...
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How to mathematically formulate the optimization problem?

I have a system with $S$ service points. There are also $U$ users in the system. We have $$U>S>G$$ One group can have maximum $M$ service points, but there is no restrictions on the number of ...
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How to model a binary variable?

I am trying to find a constraint for the following relationship, but am failing a bit at it right now. I want to find a linear constraint that does the following. The binary variable $switch_{ot}$ is ...
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Piecewise function with two variables

I have a square like region centered at the origin, which is divided into 4 sub-regions. Region 1 can formed from by the diagonal of a square, $x + y \leq 0$. Region 2 is formed by joining the center ...
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Linearizing if else conditions in ILP

We are given three binary indicator variables $X_{ij}, Y_{jk}$ and $Z_{jl}$. Write linear constraints such that, a) if $X_{ij}$ is equal to 1, then for that $j$ when $X_{ij} = 1$, exactly one $Y_{jk} =...
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