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Is Hillier F. Introductory to Operations Research a good book for a data analyst interested in Operation Research field?

Is Hillier F. Introduction to Operations Research a good book for a data analyst? I was particularly interested in Operations Research especially when I was reading about the history about this area: ...
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What are good reference books for introduction to operations research?

The reference books should cover the wide range of problem-solving techniques and methods.
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What are the prerequisites for learning about operations research?

I'm finding myself needing to learn about operations research. I'm planning to just find a textbook (or some other medium, such as an online course) on OR and learn from there. But I don't think I ...
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Areas of mathematics to strengthen if interested in OR

I realize that this question may be off-topic, but I do not know where else can I find a 'social media' where OR practitioners hang out. I am about to finish my math BSc. and about to do my masters. I ...
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How to formulate problems in the language of mathematical programming?

The question says it all. I am having difficulties formulating general problems (meaning no numbers just variables). When I read the solution, I understand but I can't figure how to formulate myself ...
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Where can I find resources to learn mathematical modelling for real life operation research problems like combinatorial optimization?

I find it hard to form math models for real life operations research problems, how can I learn this? Any books, tutorials available?
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Good sources on developing mathematical models [closed]

What are good sources (literature, internet, etc) on learning to model real-world problems using mathematical formulations? In particular, I would like to know sources which establish the relationship ...
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How to learn Optimization?

I am a 2nd year PhD student in a (mostly) pure Mathematics department. I do not have any prior experience in applied mathematics, but I've recently had a change of heart and decided to study ...
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Bridge the gap between theory and practice in Integer Programming

I've finished Wolsey's book on Integer programming. It's a theoretic book. I aim to learn how the ideas presented in the book can be applied to solve real-world non-academic problems. I am looking ...
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How to decide to write an objective function?

I'm working on this problem: In the Njaba river basin, the available water was allocated for the purposes of consumption, irrigation, and electric power supply among three communities. The water ...
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An easy-to-read and engaging book to learn supply chain modelling problems

I recently came across a book on Abstract Algebra by Charles Pinter. I am surprised by its simplicity to explain the concepts. I am very interested in OR problems in supply chain management. I can ...
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Good book to get familiar with the key concepts of Operations Research for a person which didn't enjoy a good math education in university?

I am currently reading research papers on optimization problems in logistics and struggle to understand the math notation. Any good beginner friendly books you would recommend? This is the paper I ...
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