Does anyone know of any good benchmark problems for combinatorial multi-objective optimisation? Something where pareto frontiers are known for example would be very useful.


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vOptLib: Library of numerical instances for MultiObjective Linear Optimization problems

From the site:

vOptLib (short for vector optimization library) is a collection problem instances for benchmarking multi-objective solvers. It covers a variety of Multiobjective linear optimization problems (multiobjective combinatorial problems, multiobjective integer linear programs, multiobjective mixed integer programs).

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There is also the MOrepo maintained by Lars Relund Nielsen. MOrepo describe itself as:

This repository is a response to the needs of researchers from the MCDM society to access multi-objective (MO) optimization instances. The repository contains instances, results, generators etc. for different MO problems and is continuously updated. The repository can be used as a test set for testing new algorithms, validating existing results and for reproducibility. All researchers within MO optimization are welcome to contribute.

The repository consists of a main repository MOrepo at GitHub and a set of sub-repositories, one for each contribution. Sub-repositories are named MOrepo- where name normally is the surname of the first author and year of the study. All repositories are located within the MCDMSociety organization at GitHub.

The main repository contains documentation about how to use and contribute to MOrepo. Moreover, a set of tools are given in the R package MOrepoTools which can be used to retrieve info about test instance groups, results and problem classes.


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