As a distance-based MCDM method, unlike TOPSIS, for VIKOR, there is an "acceptability" check at the final step which confuses me, particularly for "Acceptable advantage", i.e., check if the first two ranked alternatives have sufficient gap.

Acceptable advantage:$$Q(a'')-Q(a')\geq DQ$$ where $a''$ and $a'$ are alternatives with second and first position respectfully in the ranking list by $Q$; $DQ=1/(J-1)$; $J$ is the number of alternatives.

I'm curious why this is brought up in the method at first but other MCDM methods, e.g., TOPSIS, COPRAS, ELECTRE, have no such requirements. Well, I tried to find the original thesis Opricovic, S. (1998) Multicriteria Optimization of Civil Engineering Systems. PhD Thesis, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Belgrade, 302 p. but no luck.



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