I am currently using the cbc solver with Pyomo

opt = SolverFactory('cbc')

How can more options for Cbc be used, such that what we run using Pyomo is similar to:

cbc -cuts off -strong 0 -preprocess off -heuristic off -solve

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You can use opt.options['Solver parameter to change']='value'. The following is part of the code that I tried and the generated output:

opt.options['heuristics'] = 'off'
opt.options['preprocess'] = 'off'
opt.options['loglevel'] = 50

Pyomo's output:

command line - ampl cbc heuristics off preprocess off loglevel 50 heuristics off preprocess off loglevel 50 -solve -quit (default strategy 1)

Option for heuristicsOnOff changed from on to off

Option for preprocess changed from sos to off

The list of options for cbc can be found here.


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