I recently asked this question about formulating a max flow diagram for hospital patients. I am now considering a secondary objective which is to maximize the effetiveness of the scheduled treatment. I know that if a single-objective minimum cost network flow IPs has integral parameters, then its LP relaxations has the integrality property.

Would dichotomic search for biobjective LP relaxation guarantee finding a subset of the IP's nondominated frontier? Would it guarantee finding the entire nondominated frontier?

Note: I do realize there are other ways to solve this, but I am specifically looking to answer these two questions, if anyone can help here.

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The first thing that comes to mind, is, to try to model the process in something like (timed?) colored Petri nets. Then, perhaps do some process mining and network partitioning and shortest path tree computations. As long as the search converges to a local minimum, it would be locally non-dominated. So, if you add a dimension for every position in the space, it would be globally non-dominated. For finding the entire frontier, we simply solve the problem in a projected surface space. You should probably think of some separate quality statistic and search heuristic for the entire non-dominated solution space as well.

Also, consider using one of the well-known process mining and modeling packages. Those should be able to do most of the things I've mentioned out of the box, and many more.

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