I want to add a KPI to calculate the percentage of occupancy of vehicles: the total travel time of occupied arcs (where the capacity of a vehicle is non-zero) over the total travel time.

How can I represent that using three variables: the $x_{ij}$ variable equal to $1$ if there is an arc between $i$ and $j$, the $q_i$ the capacity of vehicle after serving vertex $i$ and the $b_i$ the starting time of service for vertex $i$?


kpi syntax example in docplex

from docplex.mp.model import Model

mdl = Model(name='buses')
nbbus40 = mdl.integer_var(name='nbBus40')
nbbus30 = mdl.integer_var(name='nbBus30')

mdl.add_constraint(nbbus40*40 + nbbus30*30 >= 300, 'kids')
mdl.minimize(nbbus40*500 + nbbus30*400)



for v in mdl.iter_integer_vars():
    print(v," = ",v.solution_value)

for k in mdl.iter_kpis():
    print(k," = ",k.solution_value)

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