I just wonder, whether there is a good reference for the symbols used in a flow chart to describe a DES process. I am looking for something like Kendall notation but with a reference to the symbols. I searched the web, but could not find a good reference (e.g., a well-known journal).


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Kendall notation is okay up until a point for simple queueing systems. I have found that when I have a network of queues each having substantially different properties that the notation gets awkward. Here is a post: Kendall's Notation for Kelly Networks?

As Chrisoph mentioned in the chat (+1), you could consider BPMN as a diagrammatic way to symbolize your DES. Although it is possible to throw too much detail in for clients to quickly understand, such a diagrammatic approach to communicating discrete event simulation can be very effective.

However, if you want something more familiar to a mathematician I suggest you look into Discrete Event System Specification (DEVS). There are actually some variants of this notation, but I am unfamiliar with their differences at this time. Pick whatever helps you clearly understand and communicate.

Even more generality can be obtained, if needed, by considering your DES as a timed event system (TES). But this may be more general than needed for your purposes.


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