Suggest me some good books with implementation of heuristics using python to solve operations research problems


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Chapter 7 of the book called Artificial Intelligence with Python by Patreek Joshi focuses on the heuristic search methods. Other than that, the following list of references can be considered for more details on Metaheuristics:

  1. Clever Algorithms: Nature-Inspired Programming Recipes (by Jason Brownlee)
  2. Essentials of Metaheuristics (by Sean Luke)
  3. Hands-On Genetic Algorithms with Python: Applying genetic algorithms to solve real-world deep learning and artificial intelligence problems (by Eyal Wirsansky).

Also, there is an online course in Udemy: Optimization with Metaheuristics in Python which covers some of the well-known metaheuristics such as, SA, GA, Tabu search, and Evolutionary strategies. I think this online course will be a good point to start.


The book [burke2005search] provides a good starting points for different heuristics algorithms. Identify the techniques you need first. Most likely, you can find a reliable open source package.

  • [burke2005search] Burke, E. K., & Kendall, G. (2005). Search methodologies (pp. 1-17). Springer Science+ Business Media, Incorporated.

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