I'm looking for an optimization model about production planning that takes the following into consideration:

  • Single site

  • Multi products

  • One machine/resource

  • Sequence-dependent

  • Fixed batch size

  • Set-up times

  • No back orders

  • Capacity limitations

I understand that no finished model takes all this into consideration. I have looked at some lot-sizing problem, but the batch size is not adjustable in my case. I have looked through the following references:

Wolsey, L.,Pochet Y. (2006). Production Planning by Mixed Integer Programming. Springer Seriers in Operations Research and Financial Engineering. ISBN: 978-0387-29959-4

Trigeiro, W., Thomas, L. and McClain, J. (1989). Capacitated Lot Sizing with Setup Times. Management Science, 35(3), pp.353-366.

Voß, S., 2006. Introduction To Computational Optimization Models For Production Planning In A Supply Chain. Springer.

Can you guys point me in the right direction regarding references or key-words?


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The last reference you mentioned is one of the nice books (specifically, in an algebraic modelling language). I would like to add other good references like:


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